Hot Button Content

The concept of "Hot Button Content" (aka "Wedge Issue Content") is a complex sub-topic of the Site Code of Conduct. In certain social circles, it is considered impolite to bring up unsolicited discussions of hot button topics whereas in others it is not only perfectly acceptable but encouraged.

As the Site is new and it's operation and maintenance is funded only through user contributions the Site is limited in the ability to filter content which might be regarded as "Hot Button Content" by some users.

Accordingly, for now, we ask that users refrain from posting unsolicited content, which might be considered by other users as "Hot Button Content". If a post is intended to be part of an ongoing discussion (e.g. a comment to a previous post), kindly pause before posting and make sure you are practicing "Understanding Behavior" as defined in the Code of Conduct.

In the meantime, this is the landing page for the ongoing discussion within the community on this very complex sub-topic.

For the benefit of our users the following is a very brief and not all inclusive list of some areas of discussion known to be home to a significant spattering of hot button issues:

  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Human Sexuality

Again, the list above is not all inclusive and not every discussion within these areas will set off a hot button. Users are advised to read the Code of Conduct and use extreme caution before setting foot into these areas.