Code of Conduct ("the Site") exists to provide people with a safe alternative to Facebook and similar data-harvesting platforms. In order to maintain a healthy environment in which people can enjoy, contribute to, and grow the Site all users agree to abide by a Code of Conduct.

Inclusive Behavior

The Site seeks participation from any person, who agrees to the Terms. As such the Site will likely include users from all over the world. Inevitably, this inclusion will bring users into contact with other users whose language, culture, beliefs, personal choices or similar characteristics are different. The Site cannot thrive without this diversity. At all times, users are expected to exercise inclusive behavior when interacting with other users, which means all users must not engage in actions or communications which might infringe on the rights or ability of other users to fully participate in the Site including, but not limited to, judgements about personal differences, intimidation or harassment. In short, be decent to one another, judge not and be not judged.

Understanding Behavior

The Site seeks to encourage understanding of ideas which challenge our thinking and what we are comfortable with. Users should expect to disagree with other users but should at no time act disrespectfully toward another user because of such disagreement. Users are expected to first understand the ideas shared by other users before expressing disagreement or attempting to promote conflicting ideas. Question differences in each other’s ideas but with a focus on how we might come to better understand one another through such engagement.

Civil Behavior

Every human life is a path which began at some point in time, has arrived here and now, and is headed somewhere in the future. "Here and now" is uniquely yours as it is unique to every other human life you cross paths with. No two users will arrive here and now with the same knowledge and experience as others. People process information differently and arrive at conclusions at differing rates and in differing manners. The Site does not presume to hold one way of thinking over another. At no time should a user subject the knowledge, experience or intellectual faculties of another user to ridicule.

Polite Behavior

For all the benefits the Internet has given humanity, it has also enabled an environment in which some people choose to behave very differently with others online from how they might face to face. Do not be one of those people. Users are expected to behave as if we are all face to face in the same space. Be polite. Do not be rude, vulgar, profane, offensive, hateful, condescending, dismissive, caustic or ridiculing in your manner, your actions or your communications. It’s been said that the words “please” and “thank you” are the bedrock of civilized society. This may be too simple to be true but surely if we act politely toward one another, we can channel our energy toward a more enjoyable human experience instead of wasting it needlessly on that which tears us apart.

There are two specific sub-topics on "Polite Behavior" which are part of a much more complex and ongoing discussion beyond the scope of this Code of Conduct. The first falls under the category of "Family-Friendly Content". The second falls under the category of "Hot Button" ( aka "Wedge Issue") content. In both cases, it is not likely the Site can get two randomly selected users to agree on the meaning of either. Accordingly, we offer the following two rules of thumb to help users navigate these choppy waters:

  1. If you think another user would find the Content inappropriate for the youngest viewers of the Site, do not post it.
  2. If you think another the Content is a "Hot Button" for other users, do not post it unsolicited OR be sure you are complying with the "Understanding Behavior" clause before posting Content as part of an ongoing discussion.

Learning Behavior

History is littered with the failures of people, who at once might have been considered great, but who fell victim to the hubris of believing they knew better than others. The wisest people on the planet know that we never stop learning. Frustration is a common by-product of the learning process, which at times can be difficult. Those who persevere may be rewarded with the satisfaction of having mastered something which before seemed unattainable. Let it be so for all users of the Site. We all have something new to learn. Science has yet to answer some of humanity’s most urgent problems. Let us be inclusive and respectful of one another. Let us mentor and be mentored. Let us treat one another politely so that we all may learn and grow and enjoy the Site, contribute to the Site and help the Site to grow.