About Us

kuhrman.net ("the Site") is an on-line community of volunteers and users ("the Community") with a strong, shared purpose of enjoying, contributing to, operating and growing a Free and Transparent Social Media Alternative.

The domain kuhrman.net was used to launch the Site during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic for reasons having to do with speed of delivery of a secure, registered and trusted product name. Because the Site was set up during a public health crisis to help people, who wanted a way to stay connected and communicate with others while not having to forfeit their right to free software and individual privacy to a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, little effort was given to details of Site branding. When the crisis has passed and when we get more input from the Community of users we pledge to give the Site a name and branding which passes muster with the Community.

At present Site users are registered "by invitation only". What this means for people who wish to use the Site is that you must be vetted by one of the Site moderators - that is, a Site moderator must know you personally; the Site Administrator will accept vetted requests for membership and send an invitation to the email address in the request. Once the invited user has read and agreed the Terms and Conditions, including the Code of Conduct, they can activate their membership on the Site and begin to contribute content.